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Just on the side of gallery NICHINICHI you will find our tearoom TOKA. We offer a wide range of unique organic Japanese green teas, an assortment of varietals from different fields and years. Enjoy your tea alongside our original organic cacao from Hawaii or fresh Japanese sweets made each morning by our favored Kyoto wagashiya.
CHIFUYU ENOMOTO Bamboo Baskets for Flowers 6 ー 23 July, 2018 open daily 10:00 to 18:00, closed on Tuesday
“The hand bends the bamboo. The resilience of the bamboo resists the hand’s strength. Each shape evolves in a play between these two opposing forces. One has always to come to terms with tension and elasticity. If I bend the bamboo too much, it snaps; if I bend it too little, the shape loses its stability. Only my fingers can tell me how far to go. In the beginning I calculate everything exactly in my head. But there are many things I get to know only with my fingertips. During the working process it also happens that the form deviates from the original plan. Shapes constructed by bending bamboo have their own inherent and consequential logic.”
The Artist will join us on the 22nd and 23rd of July.
Please download the (Japanese) invitation card as PDF file.
PDF: invitation card
SPRING 2018 TEA EXHIBITION 25th of May to 1th of June Open daily 10:00 to 18:00   closed on Tuesday
Wooden Tea Caddies made by Tatsuya Aida
A selection of 111 ceramic teacups
Freshly Plucked New Season Green Tea (shincha)
We will show 111 selected teacups made by more then 15 Japanese ceramic masters and tea caddies from Tatsuya Aida in four different sizes and a lot of different kinds of wood: cherry tree, chestnut, maple, walnut, plum, rose wood, black persimmon, pine, elm, quince, horse chestnut, oak, Japanese raisin tree, Amur cork tree, magnolia, Japanese beech.
Please download the (Japanese) invitation card as PDF file.
PDF: invitation card
From April 20th to May 7th 10:00 to 18:00   closed on Tuesday
"Baskets are really wonderful tools for life. But I am more intrigued to explore their shape as a container of emptiness and the logic of the gaps and intervals, that build their shape. These negative spaces and their structure show abstract beauty, which holds something very appealing to me. I enjoy meditating about material, structure and form and analysing their relationships. And this joy increases year by year."
The artist will join us on April 21st and 22nd.
Please download the (Japanese) invitation card as PDF file.
PDF: invitation card
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